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April 05, 2012


Maybe they're fun to fly, but this scares me. You don't have to be paranoid to live here, but it helps!

ME--I'm missing something. Why does it (maybe I don't understand what "it" is) scare you?

Unterwegs nach Virginia Beach?

Cool Photo!

Stu--A 90-degree turn to starboard. The posting was bad timing on my part, wasn't it?

Janeywan--That's what I thought!

Sorry I posted in German there; the trouble with being multilingually fluent is that you can't tell what language you are using sometimes. Sorry, my bad :-(

Not complaining, Stu, as you give me practice. Note that I don't attempt to reply in kind. It would be entirely too embarrassing to expose my lack of anything approaching fluency.

While I'm at it, I see that I became confused. East was the direction in which the photo was taken (roughly) - not the heading of the T-38. My bad. I should have replied, "Ja".

"The posting was bad timing on my part, wasn't it?"

No you are just prescient - perhaps dangerously so? - But it's a pooer memory that doesn't work both ways ;-)

Touche, Stu!

The T-38 may be fun to fly, but I would think it also makes good sense for pilots to keep their skills sharp in the various aircraft they might be flying-- ultimately preferable to simulators. Maybe they should do all their flights over non-populated areas. Guess that would mean either re-locating a few landing strips/airports/military bases, or moving some cities. Yeah, there is that risk factor (like VA.) with all kinds of aircraft everywhere.

Joared--I read the blurb to mean that the "exercise" sharpens the skills that will be needed in space, rather than on another aircraft. Of course, the pictured training flight doesn't fit in that category, does it?

I don't recall whether you are a pilot, yourself. If you are, I don't know how you trained. It is probably much cheaper to start training in T-38s before moving a pilot up to a more complicated aircraft.

Me? I operate (physically and mentally) at such a slow speed that I was doing well to keep ahead when flying an aircraft with a top speed of 220 mph...but, I would surely go along for the ride!

It is difficult to keep airports/airbases and cities apart, as I'm sure you know.

When we moved to Derby in 1960, the city limit was a few miles south of the fence line of McConnell Air Force Base (IAB), and a mile from the fence line of a small dirt strip, Hamilton. Hamilton has been engulfed and closed while the city limit is now much closer to IAB.

Mid-Continent Airport (ICT) was built several miles west of Wichita. The city now completely surrounds ICT.

Having been a flying instructor for over a quarter century, let me point you to this summary :-

quoting an SR71 blackbird pilot :-
"You ain't been lost until you've been lost at Mach 3" ;-)

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